Hartwig House Inn

The History of the Hartwig House Inn

1893 House
The Hartwig House Inn in 1892

The house is over 100 years old, but due to its gentle care and love over the years, it has not needed  much restoration. Once you are a guest here, you too will realize its beauty and its flair for days gone by.

The Hartwig House was built in 1892 and since that time has only been in the ownership of two families. The home was built by George and Anna Naeve and as stated in the Crawford County History Book of 1911, it was one of the most beautiful private residences of the city. George had an abstract business as well as being a banker and owning several banks in the mid-west.

In the 1920’s the house was sold to Carl Hartwig. Carl was a large land owner in Crawford County and was a charter member of the board of directors of the newly organized Crawford County Trust & Savings Bank of Denison, which opened in 1927. The home has now found its way to the 4th generation “Hartwig” and is owned by Jim and Suzi Barnes (Suzi is the great granddaughter of Carl). We are very proud to say that this home has been in our family over 80 years. In 1977 the house grew in size when Herb Hartwig (grandson of Carl) added an additional 6000 sq ft to the original home. There is so much history here and since Suzi has spent all of her life in and around this home, she is knowledgeable to most of the stories about the home.

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